Here is why we think that Sober Grid is the best app ever, and why you should download it immediately. Before joining the company, she served as the Program Director for a community-based HIV/AIDS and cancer non-profit in San Francisco. There is also a “distraction” feature that serves as a simple refocusing tool to help give you strength during a moment of weakness. While eco sober house rating it isn’t a direct response like a hotline can be, it can be helpful for those who need a little encouragement or steps to work through when experiencing triggers, cravings, or negative circumstances. With each scholarship at 96$ per year, we have set a Q goal of $2.4M and an additional 25,000 annual memberships in Q4 which would total 50,000 scholarships totaling $4.8M.

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Created by a man in recovery who decided to say “no mo” to addiction, this app provides unlimited clocks you can use to track time in sobriety and related issues. You can earn milestone chips to celebrate victories and track stats for things like how much money you’ve saved by not drinking alcohol or using drugs. You can also connect with accountability partners who help you stick to your goals. If you are making a commitment to recovery, you can’t just stop at downloading the apps. You have to use them, read them, and try to refer to them on a daily basis.

Best Alcohol Addiction Recovery Apps You Should Consider

Membership with Ria’s program is not free, but it is significantly more affordable than most mainstream treatment options. Smartphones are the go-to tools for nearly everything these days—from connecting with loved ones to Googling your every question, and even finding resources to help with addiction. Sobriety is an ongoing challenge, but it’s a feat that anyone can be proud of achieving. It’s important to remember, however, that no one reaches the goal of sobriety without help, whether that help comes from friends, family, therapists, or rehabilitation centers. Fortunately, in this modern age, you can also find credible help on your phone through mobile apps. Several apps may help support a person to moderate or stop their alcohol consumption.

This app was developed by a Harvard University-educated chemical dependency and certified alcoholism and drug counselor for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. You can receive daily motivational messages, congratulatory rewards, and ways to avoid relapse. Many materials touch on things like mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, stress reduction, and 12-step practices.

  • Sober Tool has not been updated recently, but it continues to be one of the top downloaded apps for tracking, understanding, and overcoming addiction.
  • The interface is easy to navigate and has one of the highest rates for the best sobriety app across android and ios devices.
  • It’s made up of a 12-week program schedule, including interactive cognitive behavioral therapy and regular check-ins for people in outpatient treatment.
  • Nomo was created by a person in recovery who needed a tool to stay on track.

The app aims to give people tools to change their thinking, break unwanted habits, and regain control of their thoughts, money, health, and well-being. People can also use it as a drinks diary and a calculator to determine blood alcohol content. The app estimates blood alcohol content based on the drinks people log.

What counts as a drinking problem?

You’ll find a digital encouragement wall from community members, mindfulness journaling, and mental exercises to help you stay focused on your goals. Sober Tool’s big selling point is its help for dealing with the emotions you may face throughout the process. The app offers a dropdown of questions about how you’re feeling, then healthy coping mechanisms to keep in control of your emotions. It also has a search engine where you can type your thoughts and feelings for answers that will invoke positivity and tranquility, which may help avoid relapse. All in all, this app offers an integrated and holistic way to improve your relationship with alcohol—100% from your smartphone.

Not only does the app feature the 12 Steps, but it also gives more information about how to reach and navigate each step of the process. Nomo is mainly a sobriety tracker, but it can be paired with partners and function as a messaging app to keep on track with your accountability partner. Pledges are a way to reaffirm your choices each day and give guidance for how you want to navigate sobriety in your life. At the end of each day, the app will prompt you to review how you did throughout the day.

You can earn rewards by hitting different milestones for the time that you have stayed sober. One of the most unique tools featured in the app is a way to work through triggers and avoid relapse. If you are feeling like you may relapse, you can answer questions and be guided through uplifting messages that will inspire you to stay sober. Consider Sober Grid the social network for people recovering from substance use disorders.

  • You can create reminders to call your sponsor, go to a group meeting, or meditate—anything you need to provide that extra push.
  • Fortunately, there are apps that can help you track and monitor your drinking.
  • It’s a social networking app that allows you to connect with a sober community that spans the globe.
  • Anytime you feel that you crave or are tempted to have alcohol, just click on the app, and questions will appear on your screen.

Sober social apps have been used more and more to help people in recovery support one another and make new connections that help them stay clean. At first glance, I am Sober is a free tracking app, but upon closer inspection, it’s much more. Yes, it allows the app user to track sober days, but it also helps them build new habits, providing motivation and a means of forming a network of support along the way.

Nomo can help you start that journey with clocks that give clear visualizations on your progress. The app also includes an encouragement wall where you can read affirming messages from other members who use the app. When you are feeling up for it, you can add encouraging messages for other people too. With that in mind, let’s dive into the 7 best sobriety apps on the market that can serve as a digital companion and community for sober living. Utilizing a quit drinking app helps you learn more about your habits, which can lead to a shift in your daily approach to recovery. Sober Grid is all about peer-to-peer certified coaching and building a community around your recovery journey.

You can create reminders to call your sponsor, go to a group meeting, or meditate—anything you need to provide that extra push. No matter where you are in your sober journey, Nomo serves as one of the top apps available for quitting addiction and staying the course in recovery. The app helps you collect milestones along the way when you reach various lengths of sobriety. With positive affirmation with each goal achieved, you can see helpful stats that further encourage your journey in sobriety. Hearing a motivational quote can help serve as a reminder each day, as well as start your day out on a positive note.

Strengthen coping strategies, track cravings, and record triggers so both you and your therapist can better understand your progress. Whether you’re navigating sobriety or moderation, Monument support groups allow you to hear from your peers, share and process thoughts and emotions, self-reflect, and practice accountability. According to the surgeon general of the U.S., it can take up to 5 years after being in remission for alcohol use disorder for the risk of relapse to fall below 15%.

The editorial staff of is comprised of addiction content experts from American Addiction Centers. Our editors and medical reviewers have over a decade of cumulative experience in medical content editing and have reviewed thousands of pages for accuracy and relevance. Our reviewers consistently monitor the latest research from SAMHSA, NIDA, and other reputable sources to provide our readers the most accurate content on the web. However, it is important to keep in mind that they cannot and should not replace medical treatment. Many facilities nowadays recommend them, but only as an extra help to the main recovery.

rTribe – Quit Porn/Drug/Food Addiction

This app allows you to track how long you have been sober down to the minute. You can make daily pledges to stay sober and take part in a community that motivates each other. The SMART Recovery Cost Benefit Analysis app is a complement to the SMART Recovery groups.

Read through Talking Sober, our built-in community, and read posts from thousands of users. Build new daily habits and learn from others who are making changes happen. It searches a pool of 250,000 meetings and suggests the most suitable ones. Benefit for the continuing carehas been proved in multiple studies, many apps have been developed with the aim of assisting recovery in the last few years. This is one of the crucial aspects of recovery which helps with avoiding relapses.

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Alcohol addiction recovery apps are far from one-size-fits-all, though. To help sort through what’s available, we spoke to a couple of addiction specialists on what to look for in an alcohol recovery app. Finding a community and tracking days in recovery, in person or on an app, can help you stay sober. I Am Sober is a motivational companion app that tracks a person’s sobriety.

Among other things, this app is user-friendly and you can customize it according to your needs. The app is available to download on Android via Google Play Store and on iOS via Apple App Store. There are many apps available, whether you have an Apple or Android device. The list below is not exhaustive, but it will give you a good place to start.

Schedule a demonstration of our completely automated and fully customizable solution with highly measurable, data-driven results. Yet, access to affordable addiction resources has become increasingly difficult. I love starting and ending my day reflecting on where I’m at in my sobriety. Thousands of other people are going through the exact same thing you are. Connect with others that have the same addiction, and at the same point in their sobriety.

Who can I talk to if I have an alcohol problem?

This app could be right for you, whether you are on the road or just want to listen and not read. From small, but significant goals like the first five minutes to major goals like a year. Easily add your own to the app and it will handle the tracking for you. There is even timeline information to help you understand what withdrawal symptoms can occur during drug detox and prepare you for what is to come.