This mindset, combined with our deep technical expertise, can be applied to product strategy from conceptualization to execution and operations . We will focus on how a product development strategy affects the overall software development process. Moreover, it incorporates conception, design, engineering, and testing, which enhances end users’ experience. A product development strategy involves delivering a new product or enhancing an existing one for customers.

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They amend their products to suit new requirements, ensuring the market always gets what it wants and needs. Those that do can monopolize the market quickly by capitalizing on unforeseen opportunities, leading to a degree of market protection. However, proactive approaches are often harder to implement and more costly. An additional takeaway from this model is that every time you move from one route to another, risk is increased.

Product Development strategy

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Higher Costs – Cost to customise and research into certain products in terms of a certain target market is expensive, as well as the increase number of staffs hired. Design – What exactly do you want to sell to potential customers? For example, attractive product design draws more customers towards your product.

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Product Development strategy

The web can be used to add value to or extend existing products for many companies. For example, a car manufacturer can potentially provide car performance and service information via a web site. But truly new products or services that can be delivered by the Internet only apply for some types of products. These are typically digital media or information products, for example, online trade magazine Construction Weekly has diversified to a B2B portal Construction Plus () which has new revenue streams. Retailers can extend their product range and provide new bundling options online also.

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These consumers can either be in the company or they may be external ones too. Moreover, it also supports various types of products related to software and hardware as well, along with consumer services and goods. Okay—so you’ve run a focus group or survey, and people love your idea—congratulations! Now you need to do some business analysis to determine whether the self-inflating beach ball is viable. You’ll also want to a sense of how much it will cost to design, produce, distribute and market your product.

  • Your first step will be to describe the concept on a piece of paper.
  • They have accelerated the process effectively, making it more flexible and in harmony with users’ expectations.
  • Consistency Challenges – If the company fails to provide an efficient and effective product to a certain market, there maybe a negative damage to the brand’s image.
  • A prototype is one final version of your product you can use to validate your usage hypotheses, show investors, and use for marketing purposes.
  • A product development strategy involves delivering a new product or enhancing an existing one for customers.

Whitney claims that a good innovation portfolio should contain 95% low risk, low ambiguity projects and 5% high-risk, high ambiguity projects. The key is that the 95% Step and Jump will have a higher rate of success. These, however, lead to limited growth as competition is also working on similar ideas. On the other hand, the 5% Leap projects are highly unlikely to succeed but if they do, it will be a gold mine for the company.

Think about how you will fund your product development and whether you can self-fund or need to raise money. The product development process covers product development stages across the entire product lifecycle, from idea generation and development, to testing and launching to customers. Product development strategies are linked to corporate business strategies, such as plans for growth, profit, diversification and entering new markets. Also, while product development strategies are part of the new product development process, they are not the same. The three companies that I mentioned in the beginning — Herman Miller, GE, and Godrej — are constantly experimenting with new models of innovation. They have each tried different ways to solve this problem of innovation flows and in some instances, I was part of the team that did it.

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Goal-setting establishes a timetable for the development of your product and synchronizes expectations for delivery across teams. Companies should start with their long-term goals for the product, like the dates for the official start of development and the product launch. Once these big picture goals have been established, the timetable should be divided into shorter phases so more focused goals and expectations can be created. Product strategy serves as a reference point as the product roadmap changes throughout development. Deadlines, tasks, and goals are all bound to shift or change altogether during product development in response to feedback, testing, and unexpected obstacles. A company that adheres to a set strategy is better equipped to handle changes and devise solutions in line with the ultimate vision for the product.

Product Development strategy

Unlike with proactive product development strategies, reactive product development strategies are used when companies want to focus on their existing products and services. When you need to improve or change plans, you can be agile and amend your development strategy or adopt a new one to suit your new circumstances. Reducing costs is one of the primary goals of an effective product development strategy. Cost can be cut down by eliminating unwanted product features, using lower-cost materials, and by simplifying the manufacturing process.

Lean approach says that in case you have invented some project idea and thinking of making a business from it, you should create an MVP – minimum viable product – to test the idea. It is important that MVP development has to be extremely fast, without spending a lot of time and money. According to lean startup the goal of a founder is to test the idea to understand whether the hypothesis lying in the basis of the product is vital and worth realizing. Cost strategy works best if your improvements deal largely with improvements to the development process.

Investing in entrepreneurs – Supporting internal idea generation empowers employees to create product ideas, which could promise future revenue opportunities. Investing in market research – By investing in market research, data on trends, and market analysis, companies can find new or hidden opportunities to go for. Another thing to consider is proactive strategies vs reactive strategies. Put simply, one involves upfront planning and predicting trends, whilst the other looks at how the market responds and acting accordingly.

When I work with innovation leaders, I stress the importance of understanding flow of innovation and how critical it is to the corporate mission of growth and impact. I suggest that they start the creative invention phase by evaluating and building an innovation flow, formulating a business challenge, and defining a problem statement. The best ideas should be prioritized based on desirability, viability, and feasibility of the solution and mapped to the existing portfolio of the company. If it does not fit with the business strategy of a unit, then companies should seriously consider spinning it out of the corporate governance structure. The right product development strategy can help businesses improve their performance and consequently win customers from competitors who are unable to meet such performance levels. Primary data gathered from customers or sales representative prove to be helpful in identifying areas of improvement.

Your product strategy prioritizes the most important aspects of your product such as features and timetables over the course of product development. It keeps your business’ collective product management efforts focused on customer needs, market positioning, and your ultimate business goals. This focus on value enables your team to deliver a product launch with every feature in alignment with your original vision. The company’s product development plan must include targets for quality improvements. Making quality improvements as a part of the company’s Top Trends in Product Development 2022 also makes it easier for companies to enter the markets with stringent quality and regulatory requirements. Many firms rely on a single new-product development process for all projects.

What Is A Product Development Strategy?

As a result, they may lose their customer focus in the merger and tend to perform poorly under this strategy. As the name suggests, this strategy consists of investing in ideas produced through an entrepreneurial force. Startups and internal structures follow this principle, wherein employees have the freedom to work part-time on their inventions. Using front-end technologies, we create the design, structure, animation, and everything that users want to see on the screen while using a website, web app, or mobile app. Showcase your business effectively on the web by leveraging our web development solutions formed to suit your business needs. We’re firm believers in the Golden Rule, which is why editorial opinions are ours alone and have not been previously reviewed, approved, or endorsed by included advertisers.

As you do more research, or as your company grows, your strategy can also adapt with you to get the best results. Now, if you’re thinking about a product development strategy for the purpose of future growth, you should familiarize yourself with the Ansoff Matrix. This matrix will help you to work out the best route to product and business growth. They differentiate the creative invention phase from the disciplined implementation phase. They carefully divide these two phases and put governance barriers between them so one does not influence the other. NPD comes up with a new product and then the search is on to see which portfolio to connect it to.


Transform customer, employee, brand, and product experiences to help increase sales, renewals and grow market share. Traditional R&D processes are expected to bring long-term value but happen in a silo focused on invention. Only after the idea has evolved is when it is shared with other functional groups.

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Learn how data management software helps you analyze and activate data so you can make informed business decis… Additionally, every team within your business undoubtedly supports your product, but they may not always agree on the best way to get there. These teams should refer back to the product strategy when faced with uncertainty or disagreement. Potential decisions should be compared against the product strategy to determine which way forward speaks best to the intent of the product. Product strategy is the process of defining why a product should exist, who it will benefit, and how a company plans on developing it. Build a product that aligns with your vision and goals by creating and adhering to a well-defined product strategy.

The company may want to develop several different roadmaps to suit different types of projects along with risks management involved. It is often an effective policy for startups and small organizations if they can find partners to complement them in every way. Moreover, alliances that distribute the market research and UX research costs are capable of accelerating their new product development efforts. The product management team, being the strategic directors of the process, plays a vital role in product development. Though we use these terms interchangeably, product development and product management have their roles to play differently in the overall process. Moreover, product development is a much wider procedure that consists of synchronized efforts of various teams across the entire organization.

Apple enthusiasts continue to buy devices from the company because they are accustomed to the high-end aesthetics, OS, and digital ecosystem the company offers with great consistency. Companies must do the research before moving forward with crafting their product strategy to ensure that there’s an actual audience for their product. Research will also identify existing competitors and help you determine how you will need to position your product against them to be successful.

Innovation In Product Development

They help you have an advantage with technically higher products. Product features do not hold any significance if they do not offer any benefits to users. In the product development phase, expenses are tied to time spent researching, acquisition of reports and external expertise, and prototype development. The launch phase business plan will validate the amounts that can be invested. Test every aspect of your product concept — from features and branding to messaging and appeal — to set your product up for success. Now, what if an existing product line has lost popularity and is no longer being purchased at the same volume?

Why Vision Matters

Testing the Concept – Using quantitative or qualitative responses to assess consumer responses to the product idea before introducing the product to the marketplace. Big picture context provides the background of each feature and how it relates to larger goals. It also include details in which certain features will be built, and in what order. However, if the companies involved in the acquisitions have different cultures, problems are likely to arise.

Project management will be key for succeeding in the design and production process. Your prototype is ready, and together with what you learned from crowdfunding, it should enable you to write the technical specifications. Depending on the type of product you’ve created, you may need to call upon external designers to provide the design specifications required for the final product. Shape what’s next with AI‑driven insights and experience management solutions built for the pace of modern business. For example, Gap started as a record store selling jeans in 1969, but when the owners faced bankruptcy, they had to make a change. They pivoted, changing their product line to apparel and clothing, restarting the brand and attracting customers in the process.