No information was withheld from either group; the experimental contrast lay only in how the information was presented. Please see Additional file 1 for the material and further explanation of the two different layouts. If a loved one is showing signs of addiction, and family members and friends are affected and worried, now is the time to intervene. Research shows that most people who have alcohol problems are able to reduce their drinking or quit entirely. In addition to choosing the type of treatment that’s best for you, you’ll also have to decide if that treatment is inpatient or outpatient .

  • An intervention for alcohol or drug addiction should stress love and concern, McMahon adds.
  • If they listen , they may agree and tell you that they know they have a problem and need help.
  • The Systematic Family Approach is an intervention model that consists primarily of family members who form the intervention group.
  • It might be challenging to pinpoint precisely when it is time to intervene.

The addict is asked to have a seat; everyone reads a letter or shares their thoughts, and provides clear boundaries they want to set. There are intervention professionals who can help stage an effective intervention. The treatment plan is monitored and modified according to the person’s changing needs and progress in treatment. Treatment involves services and treatment settings that are specific to the person. The goal is to motivate the whole family to engage in treatment and heal as individuals and as a family unit. Requires that the intervention session includes at least 1 or more members of the family/support system.

What Is An Alcohol Intervention?

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization and proceeds from Web advertising help support our mission. Mayo Clinic does not endorse any of the third party products and services advertised. Deal with your loved one with love, respect, support and concern — not anger. Be honest, but don’t use the intervention as a forum for hostile attacks. Having one point of contact for all team members will help you communicate and stay on track. If the program requires travel, make arrangements ahead of time — consider having a packed suitcase ready for your loved one. Find out if your insurance plan will cover the treatment you’re considering.

What happens if the addict doesn’t come to the intervention, or refuses to participate? It’s important to gauge how a specialist deals with difficult situations and obstacles during an addiction intervention. A family intervention is designed to help an addict’s caregivers and family members who have experienced severe stress and negative consequences because of the addiction. Several distinctions make family interventions different from traditional ones. If an addict does agree to treatment, they need to go as quickly as possible after the intervention itself. If an addict doesn’t agree to treatment following an intervention, they must face the consequences outlined by their friends and family during the meeting.

HEDIS Measure: Unhealthy Alcohol Use Screening and Follow-Up

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What is the first line of treatment for alcoholism?

Naltrexone — For most newly diagnosed patients with moderate or severe alcohol use disorder, we suggest initial treatment with naltrexone. Naltrexone is our preferred choice due to its preferable dosing schedule and the ability to begin treatment for alcohol use disorder while the individual is still drinking.