Make sure you have the means to charge any device that you may take home with you and, if you need one, remember to take a mouse or any other items that may help you to carry out your work if you don’t have them at home. If you are able to do this, make sure that you can transport equipment securely from the University to your home and back. She said there would have been little time for employers to “audit” what staff had at home, so most employers would have had to “make do” with what people had – a less than ideal situation.

There’s been a big rise in popularity of people investing in sheds and shipping containers. These are usually spacious enough to house an office, without taking up too much garden space. Try to stay away from communal areas or places where you might spend your downtime. This will help you to maintain the professional feeling of working in a normal office environment. Find more tips on staying engaged when home working in our full guide. Our experts have pulled together the below guide, taking you through what to consider when setting up a modern, attractive home office for your small business. From entrepreneur profiles and award winners to company growth news and analysis, we provide the insight every business needs to grow and thrive.

Expenses and benefits: homeworking

Read our guidance onhow to access key services remotely, and on choosing appropriate IT tools for specific tasks . We recommend that you use a managed staff PC or managed Mac for all University work.

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The built-in keyboard on your laptop can strain your wrists, upper arms, and shoulders as you reach forward all day, so consider a separate ergonomic keyboard. You can try a rolling standing desk that you can easily push from one room to another. This What Things Do You Need to Work From Home type allows you to change the scenery, work while soothing a baby or young child in another room, or work while waiting for a delivery or a school bus at your front door. Standing desks are popular, and you have a lot of options to choose from.

Adjustable standing desk

A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network, enabling you to send and receive data across both shared and public networks as if they were directly connected. If you are unable to access an application with an internet connection and your University account details, then try to access it whilst connected to the University Virtual Private Network . You will also need to connect your work device to your own internet connection. Your University equipment should already have up-to-date security and antivirus protection on it so you should not need to set this up yourself.

Most home offices tend to be smaller and deliberately tucked away in areas of the house so you can keep all of your paperwork and clutter in one place. This means home workers are often contending with overcrowded desk space that make it difficult to keep organised. They are definable by their soft fabric, back support, adjustable height and armrests. Hybrid or remote working policies are an incredibly popular employee perk. In fact, as we recently reported, 88% of job seekers view hybrid working as the most important pull-factor when searching for a new role.